Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just doing my thing

It is human nature to always want more in life, even when you’re blessed with a lot. I’m eternally grateful for my life. After being married and having kids, I still get the opportunity to perform on stage. i couldn't imagine a better life than the one I have now. I know some people would ask me or wonder, since when did being married and having kids stopped anyone one from pursuing their dreams?? Trust me, I have been told “no” a lot of times when I drop proposals for live band performances, just because I’m a wife and mother…….. Their loss. You’d be amazed at the level of discrimination and stigmatization out there. Anyway back to the subject matter.

As a music artiste, one should be thrilled every time one gets the chance to perform live, with a live band, and in front of a live audience. That is a true test of your musical abilities and a chance to show that one deserves that massive airplay, topping chart etc. I always look forward to my weekends as I get a chance to do justice to some numbers that I have been singing in my bathroom, lol. It’s very rewarding when you do a song and you can see happy cheering faces, get standing ovation, sometimes sitting ovation lol, money sprays, and people dancing with you and singing along. Sometimes you get to see people peeping through their windows in neighboring houses watching the performance. It’s great to know that people appreciate what you do and want to see you do more, for that I’m grateful to my fans, friends and family, especially my loving husband who has been very supportive from the get go, especially the nights I come back really late. You are one of a kind darling and I appreciate you.

I’ll be uploading more videos soon, for now here’s a performance by me and thrillers band at Pat’s bar. Tata folks!

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