Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The inlaw factor

So i just got a call from a friend of mine who complained bitterly about her sister inlaw who always influences her hubby's decision as regards running the home. As in from whether househelp stays or not to what kind of food her kids should be eating. The said inlaw in this scenerio is an older sibling to my friend's hubby and isnt married and has no boyfriend, based on that alone one would say "its easy to see why she has a lot of time on her hands". When i was growing up,My dad was always sceptical about us going to spend time in any relatives house just because somehow you will end up being a third wheel and just constantly being in their line of sight only , can be uncomfortable. It is a known fact in some cultures in Nigeria that once you are married to your spouse, you're literally married to his or family members as well. And so sometimes, the line is often always crossed by the inlaws. If you have fantastic inlaws like i do,then good on you mate, but if its the opposite , then you automatically have a new prayer point. For me, i think its important for both spouses to communicate well and on any level. Be clear on what is acceptable and what is not. Getting confrontational with inlaws can be best avoided when both spouses help draw the line for them, kind of like playing the 'good cop bad cop' situation. So to the couples, keep calm and love your inlaws. To the inlaws, *in bill rancic's words* "inlaws are just....inlaws".

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